OrangeA Mulheres Sexy De Manga Comprida Body Rave Bodycon Magro De Fitness, Desportiva Activa Desgaste Design Gráfico Streetwear Roupas Casuais

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Padrão De Tipo De ImprimirTipo De Tecido MalhaEstilo STREETWEARMaterial SpandexNúmero Do Modelo P1738733Ajuste O Tipo De magrinhoIdade Com Idades Entre 18-35 Anos De IdadeNome Da Marca ESTRANHO GATODecoração NenhumOrigem CN(Origem)

Etiquetas: calça y2k, borracha vagina, y2k, roupa, sexy, bonita fitness wear, jumento de borracha, treino de y2k, masculino masturb, bonito fitness wear, borracha de sexo de mulher.

Fbfatih 89 2021-06-27

The material is more like a swimsuit, but to use it as that it's missing lining in the gusset.

Tudorlord 2021-06-22

I won the body in the freeing. Very cool looks. The color is bright. The fabric does not shine through. The material is pleasant, it looks like synthetics. Only in hot weather it is impossible to wear it, it's hot in it. It is better to take a larger size, otherwise it is very tight. I took all three sizes, and comfortable only in M and L. Figure parameters 88/64/92.

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